Drawing mandalas are a wonderful way to open up creatively as well as being a great way to induce relaxation.  I often use them as meditation and to clear away creative blocks.  I hope to, at some point, merge the mandala designs with my pottery vessels.  I will be experimenting with that this summer. 

There are many ways to "grow" a mandala but it nearly always starts with the "seed" - finding that center point and expanding the design outward.  I find that the more I let the forms flow from stream of consciousness the more beneficial it is for me, creatively.  Less planning, more flow.  The process is just as meaningful as the end result. 

Growing the Seed:  From start to finish, using organic shapes such as pods, seeds, petals, leaves, etc.  Materials used include mechanical pencils, Staedler fine tip pens (prefer these for their consistent ink flow and reasonable cost), compass and watercolors.

My mandalas represent not just a reverence for spirituality and nature, but an appreciation of the feminine, the esoteric and the erotic.

The more intricate the better.  I embrace the challenge to fill spaces while maintaining a sense of unity.  Sometimes lines are shaky.  Sometimes forms are not perfectly uniform.  It is all good.  Perfection is not the goal here.